Enjoy a glorious Bude sunset

There are more reasons than we can recount that makes us love running a Bed & Breakfast in Bude.  One of the best has to be the many opportunities we have to sit on the terrace at the front of Surf Haven and enjoy a glorious Bude sunset.

We’re only a few hundred yards from Crooklets Beach, so on any clear evening when the sun is sinking into the Atlantic Ocean, the street is lit up with amazing colours.  Reds, oranges, pinks, purples and yellows. There really isn’t much better in life at the end of a long day than sitting there with a glass of wine in hand.  The last of the day’s golfers are finishing their rounds on the golf course.  Hurrying to get back to the clubhouse before the light fades completely. The vivid colours of the sunset light up their backs as they head off.

When a good sunset looks in the offing, it’s also worth taking the short walk from Surf Haven up to Summerleaze Downs.  This is the grassy headland between Crooklets Beach and Summerleaze Beach.  There’s a great bench underneath the flagpole where you can sit and watch nature’s firework display in all it’s glory.  You have a 180 degree panorama looking up and down the North Cornwall coast. Perched as you are above Bude’s famous Sea Pool, you can watch the sun disappear far out into the fiery sea.

So, no, it really doesn’t get much better than a glorious Bude sunset!  You can see some more photos of the sunsets in our photo gallery.

A few of our favourite Bude sunset shots

Sunset over Bude & North Cornwall Golf Club - one of our favourite Bude sunset photographs Sunset over the sea pool in Bude - one of our favourite Bude sunset photographs Sunset looking over Summerleaze Beach - one of our favourite Bude sunset photographs Sunset over Bude sea pool - one of our favourite Bude sunset photographs